Keeping Golf Clubs Clean

If you run a golf club, where people come to play golf, then you’ll need to know a thing or two about the other golf clubs that people play with. It’s a good idea for a club to have a few sets of extra clubs on hand, either for new golfers or for golfers that need a replacement club to get them through a game.

The extra clubs that you give out should be cleaned up and kept in pristine condition, as they are being borrowed, so you want to have them be well maintained. Be sure to monitor every club both before you put it available to be borrowed, and after the player returns it.

golf club management

Cover those heads up!

Make sure each club has a proper head cover because no one wants the heads to knock together and potentially chip or break. Plus, the covers can make some good umbrellas in case of rain, so including the covering with the head and getting it back when the club is returned will help out in their longevity.

Wiping the heads down after each hole is a good way to prevent rust damage, so have the golfers who borrow the clubs treat them like their own. Or you could wipe them down yourself.

Soak them in water

While it might be a different type of golf club management, having your establishment keep a few extra clubs on hand is a kindness that the golfers will appreciate. 

In order to clean the clubs thoroughly, soak the clubs in warm soapy water, and dry and dab at them with a towel to ensure that they are cleaned. You can use a brush to get in the crevices, and then towel dry them. Then they can be placed back in the bag and will be ready to be given out again.